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UrTechCity IT SOLUTIONS provides Software Development, Software Architecture, Software Design, Product Quality Assurance, Inbound, Outbound Voice, Non-Voice, Web Based, Back Office and services related to Data Process and Data Analytics. We manage a broad range of IT, Outsourcing and Call Center Services for clients across various industry segments. We have got the best team to manage all kinds of services and/or outsourcing for our clients.

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As a business owner, we often want to think on how to earn more everyday, but we also think on how to lessen our expenses. Finding ways to have more income and less expense. Especially for business starters or companies who have been finding ways to earn, it is more agreeable to lessen our expenses as well. What we can offer you is a way to outsource the jobs in your company. We can outsource your business process, operations, or tasks. You can select or we can provide people for you to outsource those jobs your company have. Why outsource our Experienced Employees? We provide employees that you can choose from that has similar or more skillful with lesser rate. Experienced employees starting from $5/hour or more rate. We could provide you with a list of experienced employees you can choose from with their credentials. What kind of Outsourcing Services We Provide? Virtual Agents, Inbound and Outbound Sales, Customer Service Representative, Appointment Setting, English Tutor, Japanese,Chinese,Thai and Korean Translator, Software Development/Maintenance/Support, Quality Assurance or Software Testing, Technical Support Representative, Email and Chat Support, Marketing/Telemarketing, Software Design, Recruitment/Human Resource, Software Architecture, Internet Research, Accounting, Any other jobs or tasks that can be outsourced Do you have some tasks with less work load but still want to outsource? There are some jobs or tasks that only has less workload but still best to be outsourced. For example, 1 chat or email support of one company is having only 5 inquiries per day. Is it reasonable to pay an employee $6/hour for a whole day job? of course not. In this kind of situation, we let 1 employee to share other clients that is having a similar less workload. What we do is that the clients will be sharing the rate of one employee. In this way, the $6/hour will be worth it and each client pays a reasonable rate for an experienced employee: 1 employee have $6/hour rate having 3 clients = $2/hour each client, or 1 employee have $6/hour rate having 4 clients = $1.5/hour each client. Why outsource our Non-Experienced Employees or Fresh Graduates? In one job, once the final interview has been finished, you can evaluate 2 or more applicants before you choose the one that is right for the job by letting them do the job that you offer for a certain evaluation period. You can provide the training, and evaluate them for 1 to 2 weeks. You only paying $2/hour per applicant which consists of the computer,internet and electricity usage in our premise, also for their lunch and dinner for that day. After a week or 2, if you have not found one, you can have another batch of applicants again to evaluate. Once you have chosen the right employee, their rate will change to $4/hour. We Have Flexible Payment Terms. We do not only provide an hourly basis, we can also provide a payment of the below depending on the job or tasks: Hourly Rate, Weekly Rate, Monthly Rate, Bi-Weekly Rate, Per Inquiry, Per Sales. URTECHCITY IT SOLUTIONS is operated in Quezon City, NCR, Philippines. The company was started in response to ever increasing needs of high quality Business Process Outsourcing Services and IT Outsourcing Services. We are a Contact center and IT outsourcing company that delivers Innovative, Quality-driven, Customer Service and IT solutions across all industry segments. We are engage in Telephone and Internet contact, Call Center Operations, Software Development, Manpower, Outsourcing, Management, Telecommunications, Sales, Customer Service and Marketing Efforts. We provide multi-channel approach such as Voice, Non-Voice, Inbound, Outbound, Sales, and Technical Support for our Call Center services. We also provide design, development, analysis, implementation, and quality assurance for our IT services. We bring a whole new class of services and excellent approach to customer’s needs and satisfaction. We serve an extensive portfolio of services in the most professional manner adhering to the industry’s standards. We ensure to provide inevitable commitment to provide superior services. We value Customer Satisfaction that plays an important role within the business. We are dedicated to enhancing customer productivity by providing superior customer support and service. We focus on our customers’ needs by delivering high-value support by fostering teamwork and continuous improvement in everything we do. We are dedicated to the success of our clients, their company and the people within our own company. We ensure to implement and execute the highest possible standards. Our management team is committed to providing all the resources necessary to our Quality Information, Policy and Objectives. By working together with our employees, partners and clients. We ensure our teams have everything they need to focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience during each and every interaction. We have the best team ready to work the way clients want. For our Call Center, our team is consisting of 100% highly trained employees which can do both Inbound and Outbound calls. They are highly trained in customer service accounts (TECHNICAL SUPPORT, INBOUND and OUTBOUND, CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE and UP SELLING). For our IT, we have the most experienced hardcore and rock-star software engineers that can do website, and app development. They can do ANALYSIS, DESIGN, SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, QUALITY ASSURANCE, and SUPPORT . We consistently monitor our operations to guarantee the best results in all aspects of our operations. Our Mission is to serve and provide our clients the highest quality of Customer Support Service and to focus our efforts on meeting and exceeding the needs and demands of our clients. To enable our clients to grow their business by providing sustainable development and flexible outsourcing solutions in the Philippines while contributing to a developing nation. At URTECHCITY IT SOLUTIONS, our prime motive would be to enhance your business capability through reliable data processing and accurate data entry tasks. We wants to provide our clients/customers a complete and reliable outsourcing service, a service that offers value, stability and profitability to their operations. We value our clients and their businesses and try our best to exceed their expectations by offering world class customer services. We want to build and strengthen our relationship and goodwill between our clients and their respective customer. In order to support our mission statement, we would abide by our Core Value statements. Our business practices are aligned with the following company values: Quality: Quality is an essential ingredient and an integral part of what we do. We ensure that whatever we do and whatever we deliver follows strict quality standards so that you get accurate and error free solutions all the time. Customer Service: We take care of the customer's needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer's requirements are met. We create a relationship of trust and loyalty beyond the immediate interaction and make sure to meet the needs and desires of our clients and customers. Excellence: Be the best in what we do. Provide the most innovative solutions and customer service to our clients. We expect and always seek to deliver the exceptional service through the High Performance, Outstanding Efficiency, and Continuous Improvement. Integrity: We seek to build long lasting relationship with all our clients, business partners, employees through open and clear communication. We honor our commitment, act responsibly and demonstrate ethical behavior in all interactions with our colleagues, clients and the community. Our services team is always ready to help our clients and partners in all possible ways and earn trust and respect by demonstrating absolute sincerity and honesty at work. We maintain honesty in every partnership and practice personal and collective accountability. Transparency: We conduct ourselves with openness and candor where all interests are aligned. Professionalism: We focus on our service delivery, using the best people, the best tools and best industry practices in our daily operations. Commitment: Our commitment to our client's success is our number one priority. We take our commitment to our clients and people seriously. We implement best practice in all tasks and it is clearly embodied on how we handle our offshore outsourcing services. We are committed to delivering measurable results to our clients. We are keen in upholding the vision and goals establish by our Management Team. And we are dedicated to a long term professional development and success of our staff and clients. Teamwork: Agree on a shared vision and work together for a common goal. Treating each co-worker equally. Value and recognize diversity. Support and encourage communication. Learn from experiences. Reinforce ideas positively. Challenge each other professionally. Provide structure and leadership. Respect each other. Practice personal and collective accountability. Focusing on Client’s requirements: We strive to understand what exactly our client’s business goals and vision then work to find the best solution. We pay special attention and provide excellent solution to our Client’s requirements. Value Added Business: We value the business of our clients and our esteemed partners. We constantly look out for unique ways to further enhance the business capability of our clients through effective data entry services. URTECHCITY IT SOLUTIONS aim to live up to our core values in everything we do for our clients and employees. We lead by example and put our values to action. We continue to work hard to exceed our client’s expectations and in doing so, we achieve our vision and goals. URTECHCITY IT SOLUTIONS strives on a daily basis to be the world’s best value based Call Center for companies seeking nearshore solutions. We guarantee to provide exceptional Customer Service with highly skilled and outstanding Customer Satisfaction. Our Vision is to become a leading and highly dependable Information Technology, Customer Service, Job Outsourcing and BPO Company, providing exclusive software development, support, maintenance, data entry, data processing services & customer service to clients, customers as well as individuals. We strive to offer high quality software development and data processing services and ensure security and confidentiality. We are aiming to be the best in the Industry by providing excellent service and workforce. We are confident that we would leave no stone upturned in our endeavor to become one of the most preferred IT, and BPO Company in the industry. We aim to maintain 99% accuracy, and to deliver every data on time and within our high standards. Our goal is to support the clients with any and all outsource tasks and to accurately and effectively complete all tasks needed. We envision a client relationship that is based on trust and confidence and mutual success. It is our intention to provide the best software development, support, data entry, data conversion, data processing, web and internet research and forms processing. URTECHCITY IT SOLUTIONS provides Software Development, Software Architecture, Software Design, Product Quality Assurance, Inbound, Outbound Voice, Non-Voice, Web Based, Back Office and services related to Data Process and Data Analytics. We manage a broad range of IT, Outsourcing and Call Center Services for clients across various industry segments. We have got the best team to manage all kinds of services and/or outsourcing for our clients.